Soap Making Workshop - November 17th 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Learn the age-old skill of making cold process soap from scratch.

You will begin with a brief history of soap making, followed by an introduction to materials and general safety protocols. Our expert soap maker will then demonstrate how to make the lye water, melt the oils and saponify them, resulting in a large batch of soap that will be divided into individual portions. 

Wearing protective goggles and gloves, participants will then add/blend the fragrance/essential oil of their choice and pour the soap into their molds. You will then shape the top of your soap while it is thickening and add botanicals on top.

The soap must stay in the mold for 24 hours before being sliced and wrapped.  Please plan to pick up your soap the week following class. Each participant will make 8 bars of soap!

NOTE: the first part of this workshop is a demonstration. Once the large batch of soap base has been created by your facilitator, this class becomes hands-on for you.

About the instructor: In 2018, Beverley started making all-natural products as a way to reduce single-use plastic in her home and to make eco-friendly gifts for family and friends. With their support and encouragement, her little business has grown! She hand makes all her products using natural, plant-based, ethically sourced, cosmetic-grade ingredients from New Directions Aromatics Canada. Botanicals are from her garden. There are no artificial colourants, parabens, or surfactants in my products. Packaging is minimal and environmentally responsible.