Camp Curious For Kids - July & August Dates

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Welcome to Camp Curious, a camp for curious kids ages 8-11 who need a little midweek summer getaway from the everyday. 

Camp Curious is a vibrant week and perfect for the explorer and the curious. We will be mixing up fun and concocting colourful experiments while illuminating all our brightest ideas! Make sure to bring your imagination as we explore away the day!

Each day will begin in the Camp Curious kitchen, where campers will learn how to concoct various kid-approved foods and snacks. We will be sure to take this opportunity to sneak in a little bit of independence, healthy food knowledge, and kitchen safety while maintaining a light and fun atmosphere. This will also be our afternoon snack for the day.

Campers will spend the remainder of each day exploring. Each day there will be both artistic exploration and science exploration. This is a well-rounded camp where your kiddos will get to be hands-on in making, baking, building, creating, moving, and experimenting. We will be sure to break up each day with some fresh air, perhaps with a trip to the park or a courtyard picnic. 

Camp runs from 10 AM to 4 PM Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Two weeks to choose from. 

Campers: Please bring a refillable water bottle and lunch each day.