Buddha Bowls Workshop - Thursday October 6th

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Learn how to build perfectly balanced Buddha Bowls with Anne Tasse from Lotus Raw Vegan Living.

In this workshop participants will chop, blend and prep all ingredients as a group and then build their own individual bowls from the assortment of wholesome vegan foods that have been prepared by the group. This means that one person might build a sauce, while others chop vegetables, or cook grains all while under the friendly supervision of your host chef, Anne. Then, all ingredients are shared among the group in this dynamic meal prep workshop.

Thursday, October 6th from 6 - 8 PM

All ingredients are provided.

What is a Buddha Bowl? A Buddha Bowl ( also known as a grain bowl, hippie bowl or macro bowl ) is a one-dish meal that consists of grains, legumes, vegetables, seasonings, and sauce and is often sprinkled with nuts and /or seeds. The perfect Buddha Bowl will balance nutrients and flavours resulting in a beautiful, wholesome, and truly satisfying meal. 

 About Anne Tasse: 

A self-taught vegan foodie since 2015, with a passion for unique & innovative cooking! "
"Using meal preparation as meditation, I love sharing new techniques and cuisine with others who are curious about the lifestyle. Showing others how to discover their natural creativity in the kitchen, using affordable products most of us already have on hand, is my favourite kind of cooking! After losing over 100lbs and getting off of 9 medications, going vegan has forever changed my life!"

Learn more about Anne here: https://lotusrawveganliving.com/